Protestant Timeline

Here are some of the major figures of the protestant (reformed) faith, presented in chronological order. Martin Luther of course started it all. The links here will allow the reader to obtain a brief overview (and other links point to more details) of Christian thought since the beginning of the reformation.

This began as my attempt to study the history of Christian thought, by reading the writings of the great Christian leaders in history. Sort of a travelogue of my journey through reformation theology. It grew into a small timeline of some of the major (and a few random minor) figures of that time period. I present it here to you for your enjoyment and edification in Christ.

As I mention in other places in my website, I believe Bible prophecy clearly describes the reformation Church and the post-reformation evangelistic efforts as the Philadelphian Church, as one of the few historicial periods in which a dominant Christian church would be faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ. Hence my interest in studying this period of time.

If you choose to embark upon a historical study yourself, I highly recommend that you read the words of the great men themselves. My summaries of their lives and preachings are purposefully terse, just enough to jog one's memory of the things they wrote and preached.

Martin Luther 1483-1546, Germany, ministry began in 1517 when sent his famous 95 points to his superiors in a letter.

John Calvin 1509-1564, France, ministry began in 1529.

Jacobus Arminius 1560-1609, Dutch.

Jonathan Edwards 1703-1758, New England, ministry began in 1722.

George Whitefield 1717-1770 London, ministry began in 1737.

Charles Spurgeon 1834-1892, London, ministry began in 1854.

Other figures I hope to research in more depth:

John Wesley 1703-1791, ministry began in 1725.

Charles Finney.

Once we cross into the twentieth century the number of luminaries increases dramatically, this is just a small sampling, try the Church Hall of History for a more complete listing.

Arthur Pink 1886-1952, London, America, Australia, ministry began in 1925.

Martin Lloyd-Jones 1899-1981, America, ministry began in 1927.